This is probably the truest fortune I’ve ever read.

This past weekend was a rough one for me. Trying to prepare for shows and not having the proper equipment was stressful. I was able to borrow a lens from a friend but turns out it wasn’t the right kind I needed. So I was forced to use my original camera and lens.

Overall, the photos still came out nice from the show. I just really wanted to take better photos.

So the event Saturday was a homecoming celebration and I enjoyed shopping and capturing images of the various vendors.

Sunday, I was able to attend a fundraiser for Bernie Sanders. My artist performed with his band and they killed it. I’ll be posting photos of both shows later this week.

Before the show started, Bernie Sanders wife came onto the stage and she gave a short speech. One of the things she spoke on is how beautiful it was to see all these artist coming together.

This show was on a Sunday and it’s very rare that I get to do gigs on a Sunday evening. But I was so happy I was able to be in the presence of so many great artist. Networking and making new connections.

The only way to stay in this business is to promote yourself. I’ve learned over this weekend that I started my business by myself so I have to promote it myself. You can’t expect others to work as hard as you for something that’s not theirs.

So this post is for those who are no longer in my life. I thank you for helping me become stronger and more determined.

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