Is that snow?

I’m originally from the midwest, so snow is nothing new to me. I used to drive in it, play in it and complain about it. Snow is pretty until the temperature drops and ice is covering your car and the streets. Spent most of my young life in the cold winters of the midwest.

I decided to make the move to Texas to get far away from the snow. It will occasionally snow in North Texas near the Dallas area. But I’ve been very lucky with Central Texas.

People talked about the snow coming this week and I believe we all laughed because the weather changes so much here. It was literally in the 70s earlier this week. So you mean to tell me I’m waking up to snow but I’m still in the same city? No….this is a dream.

I woke up to snow and came back home this afternoon to 50 degrees and sunshine. Not one evidence of snow. Just a bunch of dirty vehicles driving around.

The plus is my son got to experience the little bit of Texas snow for the second time in his life. I don’t care to ever see snow again. Unless, I have enough money to travel to somewhere like Alaska and return when I feel like it.

So thank you Texas for giving us something to talk about today. But can we get our 70 degrees back for the weekend?

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