Gate code?

You free?

Instant smile appears on my face. Even if I wasn’t free, I was about to make time quick fast and in a hurry.

I send a reply within 3 minutes. He knew I wanted him. Yes, I’m free….

What’s the gate code again?

Before he can even reply I responded with the last numbers I remembered.

“Dang, how you remember the code? I barely even remember it.”

I’m good with numbers I replied.

“Well, do you remember this 9 inches with a curve?”

Licking my lips and squeezing my legs close together. Of course I remember that. That’s the reason I’m driving to you right now.

‘I love the way you make me smile’

No time to waste. He pulled my dress over my head as my locs fell over my face. Taking one hand to push them back, he used the other hand to pull me closer to him.

Kissing like we haven’t seen each other in months.

‘Kiss it until it’s creamy’

In and out as I place my feet onto his chest. He looked me in the eyes and tells me to let it out. No need to hold it in.

Chills take over my body as I explode. This 9 inch knew each and every spot to hit. Tears form from the emotions. The only thing I can scream out was…FUCK!!!

Now we’re both dripping wet and he’s still stroking it deep.

‘Fucking love this dick’

I wanted to lay there forever….