Small changes in a photo

Photography is more than just snapping photos. If you truly have an eye for this, then you know how one step to the left can make a photo completely different. Here’s a few shots from a photo shoot I did with Ms. Nana. She’s a newbie to modeling so it was fun helping her become comfortable with the camera.

Does these two photos give you a different feel?

Top photo: left hand loosely wrapped around the rail. Gives a soft friendly submissive feeling.

Bottom photo: Hand gripping the rail. Represents power. Her eyes tell you she is a woman and this is her world. Power of the P right?

Next photo: Arms stretched with a side eye. She’s not fully facing you. Makes you think about how women want you but want you to come to her. Nothing wrong with that.

Last photo: Now she’s looking directly at you. Body language has changed although her arms are still stretched. She’s no longer timid. This is a look of if you want I dare you to come get it.

More photos from this shoot will be coming.

New model

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