Music junky…

Fun fact about myself: I used to run a music blog. This was years ago before children. I spent late nights researching music and artists. Waiting for sites to upload new tracks so I can post them. Rap Radar was one of the top sites I shared content from.

It was nice hearing locals and being able to give them a place to share their music.

Besides posting new music or unknown artist, I would create post about who sampled this song. Being a huge Kanye fan, it was a lot of tracks from him. We all know that Mr. West is the sample king. But this was a real challenge for myself and my audience. You can listen to a song over and over and can’t catch the sample because the new artist has done a great job of remaking the song.

So I’m at work today and my coworker is playing his music. I’m the type of person who can’t sing, but I love joking around singing. If a song comes on and I think it’s something else, the song in my mind will be stuck there and the song playing will just throw me off completely. The song playing is How much I feel by Ambrosia. Now I’ve never heard of Ambrosia. Probably have heard their music and didn’t know who they were. But the song is playing and my mind keeps telling me to sing another song. I ask my coworker who sings this song and that’s when I find out that it’s by Ambrosia.

He goes on to tell me I should watch the video and some other nonsense I wasn’t caring about. I was like I think a younger artist has sampled this song because it sounds very familiar. Everyone else starts laughing at me because no one knew that would be my response and my coworker has a blank look on his face as if he wanna tell me forget my generation, this is real music.

So the song is in my head and I’m trying to figure out who sampled this song. I know I’ve heard it from someone I listen to. The first person pops in my head is Kanye of course. I was right. Big Sean and Kanye made the track All your fault with the sample.

Maybe one day I’ll start another music blog. But until then make sure you all check out my YouTube page and past post.