Austin is his name…

It’s early morning and I’m on my normal commute to the office. Jamming out to my music to take the stress out of dealing with the traffic on interstate 35. Monday through Friday, it’s the same routine over and over. You tend to see the same cars taking the same exit, or the same ones speeding through traffic. I’m typically with the speedsters.

A car attempts to pass me on the left side. I pay them no mind, just hoping they hurry up so I can get over. They start to ride right next to me which is a huge pet-peeve of mine on the freeway. I try to ignore them and just speed up. Then they catch back up to me and finally I look over and the guy is waving at me. When I tell you I almost lost my mind that morning. My heart stopped and I instantly became super happy.

This wasn’t just any driver waving at me. No this was someone who I grew to love and he had to leave the city due to work. In a matter of seconds, this Tuesday became one of the best days since the first time I met him. He caused me to go speechless the first time I saw him.

So I wave back and he let his window down. Now the two of us are speeding in traffic having a conversation from our cars. This was not safe at all. The adrenaline kept us from swerving. Finally I told him to take the next exit mainly because that was my exit and I wasn’t trying to turn around or anything.

Last time I saw him was about a year ago when he came to work at the Austin location. We didn’t get to spend much time together but had some fun for lunch break. I miss the moments we had. When he was living in the city, I would visit him every Friday morning and we will spend the morning and afternoons together. But an opportunity came around for him to transfer so he moved back to the Midwest. I was hurt but I knew he wanted to be closer to his son.

We’re parked on the side of the road and he’s in this clean BMW, all black with blue trim outlining his black leather seats. When I first met him, he had an all black Mustang. So this was a nice upgrade. I was smiling from ear to ear and he came to give me a hug. He grew his hair out too, so he had this nice curly wild fro going on with a scarf wrapped around like a headband. His jeans always fit him so nice in all the right areas. He was an athlete so the muscles showed without attempting. I was definitely feeling the tribal accessorizes he was rocking. Meanwhile, I was just in jeans and a t-shirt, some sandals and my locs were back in a ponytail.

My only thoughts were I was not about to go to work with him standing right in front of me.

“What’s going on Jay? You looking good. I see your hair loc’d up and hanging nicely.” He complimented me.

“I’m doing good. Great now that you blessed me with this surprise.” I added.

“You headed to work?”

“I was headed to work.” Making sure to put emphasis on the was.

He chuckled. “You was? OK, so that must mean you clearing your schedule?”

“How long are you going to be in town?”

“I’m only here until Thursday, then I’ll be going to San Antonio before heading back to Chicago.”

“Well we’re wasting time standing here, let’s go get into something fun.”

“You wanna ride with me or you gone follow?” he asked.

Our first date, he asked me those exact words. He always has a better car than I do, so I’m definitely trying to look cute in the passenger side with his fine ass driving.

“I’ll park my car at the Walmart up there and ride with you.”

Everyone was working so nothing should be crowded around this time. We went to the same spots we visited for our first date. Breakfast at this local pancake diner and the trampoline place. It was so nice reliving those memories. Lots of laughs and competitive games of dodge ball. I was trying to focus on the moment and not the time after we have to split.

We finished the afternoon with sitting on the patio of his hotel suite, sipping mimosas. He went into the office later and I was headed to get my son. I honestly didn’t think I will hear or see from him after that because I know he will be working and not much more free time. But he surprised me the next morning.

I might not get to have him back in the city but I will be able to spend both of our birthdays together in the Midwest.

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