Being a sociable person is not the same as being socially active on social media. I really don’t like social media. Trends are annoying and people are rude.

There’s funny memes out there to get you through the day. But no one really socializes on social media.

Take a break from technology and just drive somewhere until sunset. I’ve done this a couple times with just my son and I. He loves it and it’s refreshing when you return.

Find time to escape the city lights and just soak up the energy nature creates.

One of the most used sayings on social media right now is “(blank) hits differently when….”

I should be asleep but I’m not tired and will not force myself to sleep. But I will relax myself and this will help me with not being tired in the morning. If your mind is cluttered, just start writing it all down. Don’t think about correcting just write. Turn on elevator music or instrumentals. This helps me relax.

So here it is, long drives hit differently when you’re going through things. Find that time to escape. You will start to feel the difference.

Let’s drive West

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