Puppy Love…

Sometimes you just want someone to listen. Those moments you felt alone, you just wanted someone to lay next to you. We didn’t even have to talk. I just wanted you in my presence.

What is it about a guy in just cowboy boots that looks so damn sexy? Standing there, muscles popping, thighs bigger than both of mines put together. I look into your eyes and those damn eyelashes are so long and beautiful. That smile makes my heart melt. Then you do that little laugh and that silly dance. Turn around and let me just see your boots.

He was picky. Very precise on what it was he wanted and what he liked. I asked myself did I meet his needs. It didn’t matter. We had fun together. We laughed, we joked around, we went places. He was cool and I enjoyed it. I wanted someone who wouldn’t leave. Someone there permanently and not some temporary attention. But I enjoyed his attention and he enjoyed my cooking.

Then there was his dog. I fell in love with his dog. I think I would miss Ryno more. Setting myself up for another heartache, I didn’t want to stay away. I didn’t love him. I told myself I loved his dog. I cared for his dog. You can leave, go travel, whatever. Let me keep the dog. How do you tell someone you never was with that you loved their dog and didn’t want them to take him away? If I kept the dog, then I’ll still have a piece of you.

Now I question could it have ever been something more. It’s too late. So I sit here with thoughts running through my head and knots in my stomach. Staring at this canvas print of you that hangs on my wall. So long cowboy….

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