D.C. (Drama Connections) pt. 2

I think by the end of this flight, everyone will know Tammy’s name and whole life story.

I’m walking on the plane and the stewardess looks very familiar. I glanced at her name tag and I am almost positive this is the same Stephanie from Mueller.

“Hey Melody! How you been?” Stephanie asked me.

“I’ve been good. Ready to get back to Austin.”

Stephanie stated that she will come talk to me once we were in the air.

She used to date Obi back in college. He screwed her over big time. Having her get all kinds of things in her name telling her he will pay for them but would always leave her with a great amount of debt. When Obi got his engineering job, he promised to clear her debt but it never happened. She and Obi’s current wife used to be roommates and that’s how Obi met his wife. This is a big world but somehow the circles start looking more like the Olympics rings, just too many connections.

I check my ticket one more time to see which seat I’m in. I try to make sure I always get a window seat. This flight didn’t seem like a full one so maybe I’ll get to sit by myself.

Remind you, I left my earphones at home so I’m not trying to have anyone talking to me. Well, my wish was not granted.

I look up and here comes Ms. Tammy sitting right in the middle seat next to me. Lord, why? First, why is she getting a middle seat? Second, why does it have to be next to me? I’m mad at Obi for even spending the money for her to come to Austin. His broke ass could have put her in a bigger seat for starters.

Whosah Mel, whosah!

We barely even get situated and she’s already talking.

“You from D.C. or Austin?” Tammy asked me.

“Neither.” I replied, keeping my answer short.

“I’m originally from Baltimore but I’ve been in D.C. for about 10 years now so this is home. I love Austin. This will be my second time going. The first time I went, I had to cut my trip short because my boyfriend had to work a big project in Seattle. He lives in Austin, but is going to transfer to D.C. next year so we can be closer.”

I’m trying so hard not to just curse her out. Obi has some nerve. She really calling him her boyfriend.

“Oh, that’s nice.” I said uninterested.

Trying to keep my responses short hoping she will get the picture and just shut up.

“Psst…Melody. Here’s my cell. Call me when you get home. I have this weekend off, so I’ll be in Austin doing nothing.” Stephanie said, getting my attention.

I grab a piece of paper she was holding and thought to myself, thank you for interrupting Miss Chunky.

“Oh girl, you know her? Can she get us some free drinks? I am not tryna pay $3 for a can of soda and a sista can use some liquor.” Tammy said.

“Your boyfriend don’t give you a card with money on it? Because if I was in a long distance relationship, he will have to make sure I have everything I need when I’m flying to him. But that’s just me.” I spoke truthfully.

Tammy had nothing to say after that. I guess she started to feel salty.

As much as I wanted her to shut up the entire flight, I figured this is the perfect time to get as much information as possible so I can tell Alicia.

“How long have you and your boyfriend been together? What’s his name?” I questioned.

“His name is Obi. We met when he came to D.C. I was out with my girl, Shay and him and his brother bought our drinks. Next thing I know, we are taking trips and he is buying me stuff.” Tammy bragged

“What’s his brother’s name?”

Tammy went on to tell me about Obi’s brother Eric and his wife. She’s such a dummy. I can’t wait to tell Alicia about this flight. Obi and Eric better enjoy their mistresses while they can because shit just got real.

Stephanie got on the speaker to inform us that it was safe to turn devices off airplane mode.

I quickly text Alicia.

Me: Hey are you home? I need to come over right away.

Alicia: yea I’ll be here. Everything good?

Me: Yea just don’t wanna go home then come back out.

Alicia: Cool. E left about 30 mins ago so I’m home alone.

This little fucker is probably on the way to the airport. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ran into him or Obi since I’m running into everyone else I knew within this circle.

“Melody, we should link up while I’m here. Have you ever been to Hippie Hollow?” Tammy asked me.

“Yea, what’s your cell? We can work out something.” She’s so stupid.

I drove to the airport this time, so I decided to follow Tammy out to the pickup area. I just needed to know if he was picking her up. I know he can’t be that dumb. But then again I’m not putting anything past him or any man.

Alicia opens the door greeting me with a big hug.

“Girl, I am so happy to see you! Come in and have a seat, you need a drink? You look flustered.” Alicia greeted me when I got to her place.

“Fix us both one because what I’m about to tell you, we might end up in jail tonight.” I said to her.

Alicia looks at me and stop pouring the drinks.

“Mel. What’s going on? Because I don’t know if I need to bust a bottle over a trick head. Or go protest at the airport. What happened in DC?” She asked me quickly.

DC is now known as Drama Connections….

View part 1 here

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