D.C. (Drama Connections) pt. 1

Today I was at the airport and it amazes me how people just share all their information and don’t care who’s listening.

I forgot my earphones at home this trip and I was kinda mad about that. But I figured what the heck, let me just try to relax.

I was sitting by the window all by myself because I got there super early. Charging my phone and this lady walks to the other side on her phone talking and laughing. I didn’t really care too much until she started gossiping. She literally got off the phone with one person and called at least 2 other people just so she wasn’t just sitting there waiting on the flight. One person didn’t answer and the other person was still sleeping I assume because when they answered the phone she asked them why were they still in the bed. Now we’re in a different time zone so I’m going to assume she forgot and just wanted people to be awake because she was awake.

When I go to the airport, I always wonder if I will see anyone I know or just recognize people from my city. It’s happened a couple times. One time I was eating at a diner and saw someone with a HEB grocery bag. That kinda made me feel at home because I was like “yay more Texans.” I don’t recall seeing those people on my flight so I don’t know if they were coming or going. So yea, I’ve never seen anyone I know personally. Just random people I remember seeing around the city.

I’m not well known in my city but I do know of a lot of people because of the work I do. I’ve been friends with people on social media for months and didn’t know it. I’ll see them at a show and what do you know, they’ve already been liking my post and supporting me.

But anyway, back to Miss Talk a lot. Once she finally got on the phone with someone long enough to start her juicy story, I couldn’t help but to listen. She’s talking and talking and my heart starts racing. There was no way that this lady, which I’ve learned is named Tammy, was gossiping about someone I knew. It just couldn’t be possible.

I try to keep my personal life private just because I don’t like drama at all. I’ve been living a great stress-free life up until now. Right here at gate 8 in the DC airport is when my life changed.

“Girl, I can’t wait to get back to Austin to see him. He bought this plane ticket and my hotel.” Tammy bragged and paused to listen to her friend. “What time will you arrive?” Tammy added.

“I’m so happy we get to spend this time together.”

“His brother needs someone.”

“The lady he’s with ain’t worth nothing.” Tammy giggled. “Maybe you can work your magic and just make him your man.”

“Girl, she don’t eat pork. Talking about she Muslim! B**** you know yo man likes to eat meat. You better cook him what he wants before someone else scoop in and take your place.”

She continues for a while then tells the person on the phone she needs to put them on speaker right quick. Now I’m like oh my God this lady is doing the most! I wanted to jump in so bad when she said the lady doesn’t eat pork. It’s very hard to keep your thoughts clean at times. But my first thought was, “you need to be focusing on a treadmill and not cornmeal!”

“Yeah, Shay Imma be there around 5pm. He’s picking me up from the airport.” Said Tammy.

The whole time I’m listening, I’m wondering why is she so loud. Then again I guess if you have someone paying for trips and ish you’ll be full of excitement too.

Then the smack in the face happened.

“Yeah Tammy, Eric wants to go to the Oasis then we might go to Hippie Hollow in the morning. This will be the first time we will be staying at the lake house.” Shay, her friend on the phone said.

“I can’t wait! You know I’m confident with my body. I told Obi that I might lose a couple pounds but right now I’m living life.” Tammy responded.

Both of the women laugh and I zone out. Everything after that became a blur of what they were saying.

I almost lost my mind in there. There’s no way that there’s two men name Obi with a brother name Eric in Austin. There’s no way! She’s still rambling on and on; I’m sitting there leg shaking, heart beating fast. I don’t know what to do. So I decide to text my friend Alicia because that’s Eric’s wife. I didn’t want to alarm her too much without knowing too many details. Our text went a little something like this.

Me: Hey wyd?

Alicia: Oh nothing. Waiting on E to get back from the store.

Me: Are y’all doing anything tonight? I’m otw home.

Alicia: No E has to go out of town for a couple days.

In that moment I knew he has been lying to her about what he does when he’s away.

Do I tell my bestfriend everything right now or do I wait till I get back in town? What if he was already gone when I got back. She’s going to be so hurt. Alicia recently had a miscarriage for the second time. I know this is a bad time but maybe this was a good thing. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to have any children with him and this will be her chance to leave him for good!

Me: Ok. Do you wanna go get drinks when I get back?

Alicia: Yes! I’ve been feeling so bad since the miscarriage. I could use some quality time with my bestie.

Me: I’ll come over around 8pm.

We ended with our usual two kissy face emoji text.

Now I’m tuned back into the chunky lady next to me. She’s chunky lady now because I’m furious that they’ve been coming to the city cheating with men I know and who have wives that have no clue. She’s now off the phone with Shay and talking to her son about when she will be returning home. Remind you, we are still sitting in the airport and it’s quiet so everyone can hear this lady. The son must have asked her for the security code because she told him a 4 digit code and said to make sure he hit exit before entering the numbers.

I’m not sure if you can figure out how this story turns out but let’s just say, Ms. Tammy needs to learn to keep her mouth closed at the airport.

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