6:30 am

It feels like Friday is taking forever to get here. Only because I’ve been missing hubby like crazy. I hate when he’s gone for long periods at a time. He was coming home Friday night and I was happy as can be.

The preparation for his arrival starts on Sunday. Do a full clean of the house so by Friday all I have to do is pick up small things and light a few candles. Then I do my usual meal prep so come Thursday I’m not drained from cooking and I’ll have the right amount of energy to cook his favorite meal. By Wednesday I do a full shave. Having a child leaves you to a limited amount of privacy time. So Thursday night I’ll touch up areas that I had to rush through on Wednesday. There’s a few more things I’ll do before the day approaches, keeping a list so I’m never rushing or forgetting anything.

Thursday night is here and the countdown to see my love is on. Exhausted but can’t sleep because I’m so anxious. My cell rings and it’s him calling to say goodnight. Trying not to talk too much about the sexual things he wants to do to me. Thinking to myself, damn I love this man. I didn’t want to tell him how nervous I was that he was calling to tell me he wasn’t coming home tomorrow. So we say goodnight and I force myself to sleep.

Birds start to chirp so I know my alarm will be ringing soon. It seems like right before it’s time to wake up, is when you fall into a deep sleep. I roll over and the sheets come off my feet. Have you ever started having a sexual dream and didn’t want to wake because you wanted it to be real? Well, that’s exactly how I was feeling. I felt a hand slide up my thigh, cuffing my left butt-cheek in the palm of their hand. As much as I wanted to believe this was a dream, I had to wake and make sure this wasn’t a rapist.

Turning to face this shadow, I’m awaken to my husband standing there in the nude. If there’s one thing that can make me weak no matter what, is his silhouette. I let out a moan of excitement and he places his fingers across my lips. Shhhh…yes I’m here early baby, he whispers. Tears start to flow. He never gets to come home early.

He sits me up against the wall and slide my panties down. Spreading my legs I can already feel the heat from his touch. The only thing going through my head is I’m about to take a sick day. He quickly grabs my hips and lift me over his face. One of the plus of being slim is they can flip you, twist you, throw you and toss you as quickly as you can blink. Adrenaline is pumping now. I’m beyond ready. Juices start to run down my legs onto his chest. He let’s out a few moans squeezing my thighs and sucking even harder.

Usually the first day he’s home, I make sure to please him first. But he was taking complete control of me and I was loving it. First alarm sounds at 6:15 a.m. Damn baby we don’t have much time. He looks at me and says, “trust me, I only need a few minutes to feel you.” There’s only a few positions we can do as a quickie and it will feel like we’ve made love for hours from the hot passion.

He flips me over and pushes one leg up to my chest. His chest against my back, I can feel just the tip entering. I squeeze it a little letting him know she’s been waiting for this. He gives me a kiss on my neck and start to nibble on my ear. Grabbing both hands and placing them against the wall, he goes deeper inside. A thousand words went through my head at that moment but I couldn’t even let out a peep. Going in and out slow and deep. 6:30 a.m. second alarm sounds. I reach over to turn it off. Sitting up highly upset. You have to be kidding me. I thought I was dreaming so I woke up and come to find out I still was dreaming? Now I’m really like forget work today because I’m sexually frustrated.

I walk downstairs to get ready for work. As I enter the living room there’s my hubby sitting on the couch in the nude waiting for me. My first thought is why the hell is your ass down here and not upstairs so we could’ve started earlier this morning…Before I could say anything, he had already had me pinned against the hallway wall….

Damn, I love morning sex. But I really love unexpected morning sex with you.

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