People who have children are always telling people who don’t have children, “just wait till you have a child, then you’ll understand.” We are always feeling like people without children don’t understand a lot of the things we go through. Then there’s a great amount of people who completely understand and you’re all excited because you can still talk to them about your child(ren).

Most new parents are just so excited that they want to share each and every thing about their baby. There’s nothing wrong with that. I was somewhat like that. But it was mainly to the people who already had children. It was better because we can share stories and they would often give tips and things to look forward to. This is why new parents often start to spend more time around people who have children.

This is the same thing when people get married. Seems like very few people often hang around single people anymore. Some don’t even spend time with those who aren’t married. We have those thoughts of you can’t relate to my new life because you’re not in this same category. Now those who are single or not married will dislike us for isolating ourselves from them. I’m not completely against changing your circle when you have a child or get married or even in a relationship. I think we need to just become a better example for those who are trying to reach that new level.

Being a photographer, it’s extremely hard not to take a million pictures of my son and lover and everything we do. I live off memories! I want to share it with the world. Not to brag or anything, I just love being able to share those things. Especially when I know there are people out there going through the same situation. They want to share. They want to post like crazy or talk about the small and big things they’ve done with their children or new significant other. But they don’t want the feeling of people having something to say.

For those of you who aren’t in a relationship or don’t have children, let us people who are have our joy. Think of it as if you got a your dream job or car. You will want to share the excitement. We will let you do so and you should let us do so. Everyone deserves happiness no matter what form it’s from. This level of happiness is definitely something I’ve been yearning for years now. I’m so excited to share a lot of our stories as we take on this journey. My ultimate goal is to always touch someone and bring a smile to their heart.

Once again thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more post.



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