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You read a post that says, “If you won a million dollars, what’s the first thing you’re going to do?” My thoughts after reading that is I’m going to sleep in the next day. I’ll go to work a little later and will just be in a great mood. I’ll still send my son off to school like normal. I’ll be happy with all the things I can pay off and the new things I’ll be able to invest in. My first verbal response will most likely be “Oh snap.” Yea, my level of excitement is very bland. People tell me all the time that I never get super excitement about anything. I do get excited I just don’t jump for joy or go over the top. My mind will be racing and my facial expression will go from a blank stare to a nice smile. But if they watched my eyes then they can tell that there’s excitement there. My eyes tell you everything that’s going on in my head.

When travelling to a different place or moving to a new city there’s always spots people are like “YOU HAVE TO GO THERE.” Whether it’s food, which it normally is or if it’s just a nice spot by the lake or something. I’ve been to a couple spots that people told me that I have to go visit. I love to eat but I don’t get excited about food like a lot of people. Unless it’s bread. I love bread. There’s only one time when I was like OMG I need to go back to that restaurant just for the bread. Well the entire order was delicious but the bread was just memorable. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the restaurant so I’ll probably never get a chance to go back and plus it was in Atlanta.

One of the places people talk a lot about is the Blanton art museum in downtown Austin. I drive by it and each time I say I need to go there. One of my friends even had a birthday celebration there and I still wasn’t able to go. So I finally got a chance to go. The only part that I loved the most was the Making Africa section. Seeing the different art pieces from the various artist was amazing and very inspiring. So if I had to tell someone to visit this museum, my reasoning behind it will be to visit the Africa section.


This is one portion of the museum. Inside you’ll find various black and white abstract art.


If you look up when you walk into this room, you’ll see a ceiling full of bones.


This one was interesting because if you take a step back you will see a huge pile of mulch on the floor. I wonder how many people had to fit the urge to not touch it…


This is the one thing that everyone would post when they visit the museum. Now I can say I finally have a photo of the “We belong here” sign.


The only thing I could think of when I saw all these pennies is that my son would love to play in the middle and throw them around.

Will I ever visit the Blanton museum again? Most likely. There will be someone new to the city and I will have to show them around, so this will be one thing on the list. Also, I will like to go again to see if anything new will be inside. It’s nice that people suggest places to visit. Whether I get excited or not, I will go just to say I’ve been there too…

Now of course you will have to visit the museum to see more of what’s inside. These are just a few photos I snapped.

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