New Year 1st post…

Happy New Year!

Realized I haven’t posted in months. I needed to take a break and find what brought me here in the beginning. Storytelling and photos that speak to me. My thoughts have been in every place but where they should be. My feelings have been filling up potholes. Watching through an hourglass as the opposite sex splashed in the puddles like childhood. On another note, I still have less than 5 gray hairs. So I guess that’s a good thing.

At the beginning and end of each year, we tend to reminisce or say things we are eliminating for the next year. I didn’t do that. I literally made plans to keep the toxic cycle that set me back in the previous year. You know when we say we will start tomorrow, or next week or next month or even a shorter time frame of just saying I’m going to do it in a minute…Well there’s a reason why we should just do it right away instead of waiting and procrastinating. Time will pass by so fast and next thing you know it’s a new year and you’re still surrounded by toxic habits. All and all, I was able to cut off some of my bad habits. But leaving just one can spread like an infection.

Now the 1st month of the year has come and is leaving us already. Some people will still say alright let me start over fresh for February. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just don’t wait till 11:59pm January 31st to go cold Turkey. Going cold Turkey is hard if you’re not mentally ready. For me it is and I know everyone is different. So instead here I am at 8pm on January 30th saying February will be different. Even as I try to convince myself to make that happen, that one toxic habit is trying extra hard to prevent it.

When someone takes your belongings, they do it to hurt you right? Hurt or destroy you depending on what it is they have taken. I once held on to a ring from someone because I felt that was the only physical piece I would have left of them. Now they thought they just lost the ring and had no clue I would have it and not tell them. As much as I wanted to keep the ring, I knew they had worked very hard for it and it wasn’t right for me to keep it without permission. Long story short, I did what I knew would keep me satisfied and just took a photo of it. They were happy I mailed them their ring.

As depressing as it may sound, I live off memories. The main reason I like to capture moments in my photos is so they can speak those memories to me over and over. Sometimes it’s happy thoughts causing me to want more of that feeling. Then there’s those sad stories behind each image. I love those too. I love those more. Not because I love being sad. I love when I’m able to slightly smile, then simply say wow I can’t believe that actually happened. This usually will have me inspired to do another project or go out and take more photos.

Despite all the craziness 2018 brought, hell January itself was enough to pretty much out do the entire 2018. I was able to find my way back to what I love more. So to you my audience, I will make sure to bring you more content. Hoping to touch someone’s heart, bring a smile to your face or simply give you something to talk about. Whether you’ve been following me since day one or new to my blog, I thank you all.

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