Love + Art

I want the love and the art!!
Yes, I’m going to shout it to the rooftops
NO more just having the love of art
I WANT to make love to the art.
Every morning and every night
Middle of the day and in every way
Never was much of a painter but I plan on painting the most beautiful piece you’ve ever seen on canvas
I will start and take a break, rethink and paint some more.
I’m going to sketch a little here and a little there
Adding color to all the right spots.
Clean my brushes and whip out the camera so I can photograph this masterpiece.
I’ll hang the canvas right next to the prints.
Yes, I said prints.
Because I plan on having the whole wall covered with this art.
Everywhere I turn, it will be there in my sight.
Watching over me at night.
This love for art will be like no other.
This art will connect with me on all levels.
But the only way it will last is if I give it my all.
I am on my quest to find the love and the art….

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