Take a shot with me 

The room was completely silent.
I hadn’t even noticed

I was having over a 100 conversations with no one.

Travelling to many places without leaving this chair.

10 people in the room and no one spoke a word.

It was quiet

but so loud.

Or at least in my head

it was louder than 808 beats

I’ve been having a full conversation with your emotions

while you sat having your own thoughts.

Where am I?

I don’t even know anymore.

Do you care?

Of course not.

But you’ll say you do.

To make me feel better.

It’s ok though.

I’m already in a new place.

Creating a new story.

Pushing my demons further into the darkness.

I like to get lost.

I’ll find my way back.

I usually do.

Then I’ll create another story


Share it with the next person

with a listening ear.

Fearing you will never hear these words I speak

For each story created comes from demons we share. 


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