Screw your Snapchat filters 

It will never matter,
The things you say to me.
About my blood shot eyes
and how I turned my back on you.
about my nappy hair
and how your religion
doesn’t support it
You’re not the least of my worries
you’re not a worry at all.
Just yesterday Nina said I came to quick,
I couldn’t tell her it’s because I haven’t cheated in awhile, so I simply apologised.
can you see now that I have real things to worry about.
Like two weeks ago when I was worried my writing wasn’t getting better and I asked Katrina for her opinion, I obvisouly was only fucking to be validated,
so she told me I was Shake Spear and that my 1/2 hour was almost up.
Opinions these days are a dime a dozen you don’t really need a mind a hash tag will do #deep #preach #truth, watch my comment section- follow for follow.
Can you really blame me though ? I need the likes to prove I’m progressing.
What do you think your compliments do to me, the last time I gave a fuck I gave my mind with now I have to live with no fuck and an empty soul case.
It will never matter the things you say to me you’re a vulture and I’m dead inside, eat all you can I feel nothing.
I’ve thought about it and I know what I need, nudes, from melanin queens and slay mamas, I’m a sucker for the breast
-the bigger the better-
Its all just a lie
and Nina knows.
Nina knows I have a thousand personalities and it’s the insecure one that fucked her best friend on her birthday. Don’t be sorry for me;  it was either that or I had to pay for our meal.
Look, none of us was meant to live this long, soon I’ll be 25 isn’t that old enough ?
It can’t matter the curses you rain on me, I’ve been caught lying to people I claim to love so what is a mirror when there’s Snapchat filters to hide my flaws.
✒ Adewumi Godwin

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