Tell me your thoughts….

Her soft skin against mine as I held her close, picking her mind while flicking  —

–gripping your sides, pulling you into my thighs. Flick after flick, give me more of this–

This bliss with each kiss, let your lips be  more than what it is, I shall take force into action with —

–your 2 inch width, 8 inch length, round tip, I want to feel all of it. Travel through my gushy sweetness and make yourself at home.

Entering the place where I came from, intentions to being the best and the last one,
Let it rain and don’t stop, grip it and let it lock as we rock to the sounds of the board–

–never getting bored. Staring into your eyes while you’re on top. Whips and chains. Tie a tighter knot. I love when you take control. Got my legs shaking. Sheets covered in cream. The neighbors awaken from the gibberish I scream.

It seems, within minutes my name you’re mentioning as I keep hitting it. Check it
I wrecked it and left you pulsating, for a reaction I slid out and began rotating this tongue for you to

–turn your face white. Watch as I lick my own juices. That was only round one. The fun has just begun. Grab my toy and Fuck me from behind—

To remind you who is the king of this domain I take your  hips and force It back and forth  tell me
What my worth. I want to see you climax to the beat of the sounds  I love it when we go another round

My king, we can go all night. But I must let you refuel. Have me for breakfast. On the kitchen counter or the floor. This body is for you to explore. Every each, every frame, this lioness needs to be tamed…..

Collabration from Deandre and Just an Abstract Goddess 

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