Monochrome Love  (poem)

I love our late night conversations when I speak into your mic. Spreading my vocals down your pipe. ~J.A.A.G

I entreated the sun, though he made me wait a while, he has retreated to where the clouds meet the earth, come my love, speak to me ~Udah C. Inalegwu

Now that the blackness has covered the sky, your darkness can cover the interior of this place my organs call home. Come my king as we create a monochrome image of our love. ~J.A.A.G

I looked to her soul, through two almond windows with black and white curtains, And her beautiful soul calls to me, my queen, my goddess of love, oh those eyes, two mesmerising little stars, let me dwell in there forever. ~Udah C. Inalegwu

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