The face behind the poem….

“A Process”

She’s in the mirror doing her makeup

She’s got a big date tonight

It’s overdue, feeling overused

She’s carrying big weight tonight

She longs for companionship

She’s been single for a while

And though she’s fine being alone

She’s tired of making herself smile

So hair fleeked, face beat

The black dress that shows the curves

No longer concerned about good looks

She’s looking for just the right words

The business owner, The college grad

The dropout or the wannabe thug

She couldn’t care less about a profile 

She just wants to feel loved

So she’s out the door, to the restaurant

He’s there waiting with a smile

They greet each other, he pulls her seat out

She gets butterflies like a child

The conversation flows effortlessly

She’s thinking maybe this could be it

Then completely out the blue

He mentions sex, just a little too quick

She does her best to brush it off

He’s just a man being a man 

But now she can’t help but wonder

What’s really in his plans

They go on a few more dates

He really makes her feel like she matters

So She opens her heart and her legs

But he’s only interested in the latter

He played his role and got what he wanted

She’s wishing she had known before

Love will never live here 

She can’t do this anymore 

Months later she recovers 

She’s made some slow but steady progress

She’s in the mirror doing her makeup

Preparing to restart the whole process.

#DecemberPoemChallenge #Day6 #AProcess


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