The face behind the poem….

Day #4

“Being Alone”

Please stop texting me

I will not make this date

I will not keep you company

You may not get to first base

I will not take your heart 

And allow it to match mine

I am what you called damaged

I need some healing time

I will not accept your flowers 

Please don’t go out of your way

I will not grace your phone screen

With a good morning

Or inquire about your day

I need time to build myself

So no man can ever break me again

I do not want your love notes

Or your promises to make my head spin

I am warning you stay away from me

I am a damaged woman

Vengeance is all I seek

I will break you from within

Make you colder than the highest mountain peak

So stranger stay away from me

I have warned you of what I will do

I really need to be alone

Cause I have the potential to ruin you


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