Let’s laugh together (poem)

If all I’m able to do is give you a reason to smile, giggle or even have a belly deep laugh, it’s enough for me.

I like it when my hair is free, as it should be –
but sometimes it’s wild. It tickles my ears,tells me secrets.
Some days it’s heavy as my heart when I can’t see how blessed I am. So I tame it. I try. –
Take the laughter and the heart hugging joy, take it. It multiplies when shared, in me and in You.

I still don’t know how to share all of Me, except in words but that’s because I know you’ll enjoy it there even if you won’t understand.

Let’s laugh together, there are very few things we will ever understand and that’s okay, we’re wise enough to believe.
I believe you can Laugh with me.
~Adewumi Godwin 

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