Shatter your love…..(poem)

Daytimes filled with dark clouds, clouds that stored my deepest secrets. Secrets that would start to be revealed in the early mornings. Body shots mixed with inhales, exhale as you release yourself in me. I would always be gone before morning. Collecting my belongings while you lay snoring. You hated when I didn’t say bye.
Returning to comfort your lonely heart. Kisses all over your body. Soaking your brain with sweet lies before I depart. Sleep my love, I’ll come back to you. ~J.A.A.G.

Cracked the top off that Old No. 7 one last time last night. But I didn’t hallucinate I was able to fight and refrain, still insane though as I chewed into the glass with aggression, swallowed the label, engulfed the cap as it made a splash with no sound.

No more time to cradle you baby, I won as I stand over your shattered corpse but of course I want to get on my knees and lick the floors just to feel you one more time, mine you were but that’s past tense as I head for the doors light up a match and watch you burn never again yearning for more.
~ Luke Elliott

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