7 a.m. (poem)

7 a.m.

Look into my eyes
And tell me something special.
They say April showers brings May flowers
But I just want you to Awaken the butterflies
That live inside
Not literally
But it’s what you do to me
I’m watching you as you walk away
Visions of you and me
Oh the things that could be
Lots of laughs and good times
Mixed emotions going through the motions
This is supposed to be just for fun
Yes, just for fun
But you can’t spell fun without U
So what am I going to do
When there’s no more light to my flame
Not sure if I’m strong enough to continue
But damn it feels so good
Wet mornings, wet mornings
The rain slowly trickles down
Light creeping between the clouds
Then you come to me
Whisper sweet nothings inside me ear
And get me aroused
Containing ourselves throughout the night
But when the morning time hits
Oh, oh, oh
What a sight what a view
I want to feel all of you
Baby, baby
We’re running out of time
So enough with the talking
And let’s make music with our body parts
Let’s make love with our minds
And not our hearts.


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