Sunset (poem)


As the sun sets in the West

I rise in the east

My mother used to sing to me

Well that was back when I nose deep in final calls and Qur’ans 

Back in the day when we knew Iran 

Back when everyone had an opinion about who I am

I am the non-practicing Muslim

The five percenter

The one that knows better

The queen of turn up

The one woman roll up

The silent killer

The Oh don’t do it to her 

Well then they better run

Run devil run

Run, hide and say your prayers 

As I rise into the nightmare 

Back in the day when I had dreams 

Now all I can aspire to be

Is an actress slash singer 

Reality TV stripper

Am I right or wrong 

Are we weak or strong

Boys in blue ain’t nothing but boys in white sheets

Strange fruit watered by the blood on the leaves 

What’s a hashtag black lives matter 

What is white privilege to white power 

What is liberty if we aren’t free 

What is an if there is no possibility 

Possibly if we keep marching 

For our 40 acres in the land of the free

Sunsets on the west 

Life lived depressed 

Chasing the love cream

Cash rule everything around me

The almighty currency 

Live and die under the all seeing eye 

In sin we lust

In God we trust
~Amirah Athena 

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