I don’t know what it feels like to lie on my deathbed
I can’t describe the way I feel when I watch you
The deep stare you give
I wonder what’s on your mind
Listening to you sleep breathing so heavily
This sound is calming because it let’s me know you’re still alive

I can stare at you and physically see how you look
But you can’t see me
All you can do is listen to my voice
Creating your own image of me
I wonder how do I look inside your mind
Does my voice match my image
Or is my spirit enough to paint a beautiful portrait

Here today gone tomorrow
But you was here today and left today
Oh how I miss how you would lay
So peacefully
Sleeping the day away
Every so often you opened yours eyes and gave me a smile
Why couldn’t you stay a little while longer
Don’t get me wrong
I love the fact that you’re resting
And no longer in pain
But I’m missing you today

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