The Cosigner


Some people are just evil and don’t care. It’s not fair to play with someone’s emotions. Leading someone on then leave them once you don’t need them anymore.

I’m losing hope. Maybe I should try online dating. What’s the worst that can happen? Who knows it might actually be fun meeting someone new.

(Logging onto a dating site)

Hmm, they sure ask for a lot of information. Alright here we go, profile set, let’s see what happens.


New message already. I’m so nervous. What do I say? What am I doing? What if he doesn’t even look like his photos? I’m going to have a Catfish experience I just know it.

Message chat- Hi beautiful. Your photos really stands out from the crowd.

– Thank you. You have nice photos as well.
I don’t know what to say. This is weird already. Just relax and try to enjoy this.

-I’m Travis what’s your name?


-Nice to meet you Tiffany, have you ever been to NY?

-No but I would love to visit one day

-You should come visit me so I can show you around the city

-That sounds nice but I don’t have money to come now

-Are you available to video chat?

-That would be great. We can later this evening.

-Here’s my cell let me know when you’re ready. 203-987-8823

I hope this guy isn’t a creep.

(Sending text) Hey Travis it’s Tiffany. Are you ready to Skype?

Yes I am love, he replied.

After talking for about 45 minutes about any and everything, Tiffany felt like she could really get used to talking to him. He made her laugh and had a great sense of humor. Weeks went by and the two talked daily on Skype. Travis asked her if she would like to visit the city now. Tiffany was still nervous but thought what the heck, it’s New York.

(Video chat) Hey love, I booked your plane ticket for next week, he stated.

That’s awesome. I’m so excited to see you in person.

(Arriving at the airport, video chatting with her bestie) Hey girl, I just touched down in NYC. I can not believe I am really here.

Omg, you really went to see him?

Yes, I know crazy! Alright gotta call him to see where he’s at. I’ll give you a call later.

(Sending text to everyone) Just made it. Hugs and kisses.

The two met and exchanged hugs. Feeling relieved that he looks the same. Arriving at his apartment, she was shocked at how big it was. The way the media talks about New York, she was expecting to see a small studio apartment. He lived with his cousin and her daughter.

So what do you want to do first Tiff?

This is your city, show me everything.

We’ll start with Central Park then move around from there, he told her.

Hours went by and Tiffany had been to so many places. She didn’t realize how close all the different places were.

What you want for dinner,  he asked her?

I think we should cook dinner to save some money. I mean we have 5 mouths to feed tonight.

Yea you’re right. So what you cooking?

I’m the one on vacay, why should I cook?

C’mon love, cook for your future husband.

We can eat baked chicken, rice and veggies, she stated.

That sounds delicious love.

The first night in New York was amazing. Tiffany couldn’t wait to explore more the next day. When she woke up, something felt different. She started to think if this was really his place or did he just stay with his cousin because she was in town for the weekend.

I wonder if this is his girlfriend instead of his cousin. What if that’s his baby? They could be a couple and trying to set me up. My silly tail really came to visit and he could be lying about everything.

Hey love, you ready to head out?

Yes sweetie, just gotta make a phone call first.

(Whispering on the phone) I think he’s up to something. I just have a weird feeling that she’s not his cousin.

(Voice over the phone)What makes you think that?

They just act a little too close and who really lives with their female cousin?

So are you still gonna do it?

Yea, I think so. He seems like he’ll be willing to help.

Alright girl, well you be careful and text me later.

Will do.

Tiffany left the room crying and Travis rushed to her to see what happened.

What’s going on love? Are you ok?

I have a dilemma, she stated.

Tell me. I don’t want to see you cry.

I need a favor from you. It’s hard for me to ask because this is our first meet. But I’m in need of help bad.

Anything for you, just tell me what it is.

I have a situation where I need you to cosign for me. There’s nothing else you need to do, I just need a couple signatures and that’s it.

What’s the cosign for, he asked?

I got a ticket in another state and I need a cosigner to prove that I will go to court and finish paying the ticket.

Travis agreed to the terms without hesitation. He figured since there’s no money involved, what’s the worst that can happen. He really liked her and didn’t want to see her stressed or go to jail. He read over the paperwork and filled out the information needed. He had no clue what she was up to.

Later that evening Tiffany went to take a shower. Travis told her he had to go outside and would be back up shortly. Something didn’t feel right. She wondered why was he going outside this late. His cousin had already went to her room to retire for the night.

Well she’s going to bed earlier than usual.

Tiffany heard music coming from Stephanie’s bedroom. Once she turned the shower on, the music got louder. She pretended to get into the shower then went to Stephanie’s door to listen. As she expected, there was something going on. After her shower, Stephanie knocked on the bathroom door to ask where did Travis go.

Is she really asking me where he is like they weren’t just in there having sex? Luckily I have other stuff planned so it’s whatever. Oh he said he had to go outside for a sec.

Alright, I was just wondering. I’m going back to bed, Stephanie told her.

Yea yea whatever. You and him can keep playing games all you want. That’s not what I came here for. Ok girl, see you in the morning.

Moments later Travis came around the corner saying he was exhausted and ready to pass out. The two talked for a minute laying in bed before falling asleep.

Thank you for helping me Travis, it really means a lot.

You’re welcome love. (Giving her a kiss goodnight)

It was her last day in the city and he took her to the airport. They promised to keep in contact and visit more so than often. He didn’t want her to leave and said he would pay for her to return every month until he can move to her city. Tiffany told him that was not a good idea because it would cost too much money.

A week later Travis tried to call Tiffany and couldn’t get through. After calling and texting and getting no response, he started to get worried. He didn’t want to think anything bad but he couldn’t help it.

Why isn’t this girl responding to my calls?

Travis got really sick and had to miss work for a couple days due to hospital stay. When he returned, he realized all his belongings from his safe were gone. He blamed Stephanie but she denied it. His account was overdrawn and his job had fired him. Stephanie didn’t resign the lease so he had nowhere to go. He was hurt that she didn’t inform him while he was in the hospital. After a week or so, Travis had lost everything. He had no money, no car, no job and nowhere to live. While he was online looking for a future wife, his cousin and Tiffany were making plans to rob him. He never saw it coming. Some say blood is thicker than water. But greed is the root of all evil. It’s hard to trust anyone in this world.

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