Random blue days….

Usually I’ll try to find a photo to fit each post. This time I don’t want to include a photo. I want my readers to create their own vision when they’re reading this post.

You ever hear someone’s voice and you try to imagine how they look? Or you see them and you’re like you don’t look like a Justin. More like an Eric. Or maybe that’s just me. I’ve been told a time a two that I’m weird. But what does being weird really mean? I see nothing wrong with being different than the rest. So you enjoy your boring life of fitting in.

Have you ever met someone and literally got tongue tied? Or wanting to just run the other way because you were afraid to meet them? Most women want a fairy-tale love story but then reality sets in and you’re like that stuff will never happen. You’re right, most of it won’t happen. The other person will do things to make you feel special, blush, smile, whatever. But it never flows the way the movies and books lay it out. But when you do find that one who brings those butterflies inside and you can’t stop smiling, even when it’s years later, you stop and think, this is my fairy-tale love story.

Like J Cole says, “Love Yours”. No one has a better life than you do. You just have to love yours. Love what you have. Make the best of it. There’s always room for improvement, you just have to understand that and love it.

There’s not a day I don’t daydream about random things. I have to catch myself sometimes from not laughing out loud or smiling too hard. Sometimes I feel like crying and other days I’m as happy as can be for no in particular reason. It’s life! Ups and downs, smiles and frowns. Just keep moving.

Well I’m done rambling about nothing in particular. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I’ll be taking some time off for a trip to the east coast for the first time. Stay tuned for photos of my trip.


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