Rusting Away…..


If I poured out my heart would you listen?


Sometimes I needed a drink to keep the night voices from screaming too loud. Causing them to awaken something in my soul that really needed the rest. Something that was so tired from the constant screams. Something that wakes up inside me before the crack of dawn and didn’t slow down until the moon granted us with its presence once again.

Every day. Every hour. Every ticking second.There was no escape. No escape from the simple thought of you.

What we could be. What potential we have; the attraction.

If only you would look at me. Look at me the way I look at you. Feel the same burning feeling I get in the pit of my stomach whenever you came near.

Understand the reasons why my heart picked up speed and my hands became sweaty whenever you reached to grab them. In only a friendly way of course.

If only you would notice me.

I wanted you to get it. I wanted you to feel it.

In other words, I simply wanted you to see me.

See me the way I was. See me as more than a friend. See me the way I saw you.

I wanted to be wrapped up in your embrace when we were both just bored. I wanted your eyes to light up when you talked about me the same way they lit up whenever you told me about her.

My heart was stuck in one place, chained down to yours while you dragged it around in search of someone to be your companion.

Unaware and unnoticed, I sat back and watched you look at everything around us with such love and admiration while I rusted and grew old.

I just wanted you to realize it hurt me to be your friend.


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