Note to my Queens….(poem)


Feeling worthless
Ignoring all the signs
She thought it would be different this time
Everyone told her she deserves better
But she was so lost that she just accepted whatever

Whatever came along
Whatever man sang her a sweet song
Whispered sweet nothings in her ear
Once she dropped her panties they would up and disappear

Disappearing into the early mornings
Leaving her adorning
A physical being who was worthless as a man

He gave her a natural high
As he climaxed in between her thighs
But once that high came down
She was right back to showcasing that horrible frown

She no longer had a glow
Or an idea of where to go
Where to turn or what to do
She was back to point A
Wondering why wouldn’t they stay

Transforming herself into this perfect woman
Who she thought he wanted her to be
Forming an unhealthy relationship
Convincing herself she was happy

But her happiness never gave her butterflies inside
It was more of a feeling of wanting to die
Many nights of crying
Never tears of joy

Feeling worthless
She thought there has to be something more
There has to be something more
Because there’s no way she can keep waking up to this same routine
Fighting these demons that live outside of her dreams

Punch the wall, kick and scream
Drop down to her knees
Face in her palms
Feel worthless no more
Your future has so much in store
My Queen

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