Let’s Drive West….


Opening one eye, wondering why the sun was so bright this morning. Or maybe I just wasn’t ready to wake up. “Bishop! Can you please get out my face? It’s too early for this.”

You know how he is in the mornings.

Well you need to get up and take him outside.

C’mon Bishop, let momma get some rest.

Door slams, causing a cool breeze to enter the room. I don’t know why he always slams that door.

Moments later he returned, jumping onto the bed. Tickling her side to wake her. “What do you want to do today?”, he asked her.

Hmmm, let’s go for a drive. Nowhere inparticular. Let’s just drive until sunset and see where we end up.

“Which way should we go?”

“West”, they both said at the same time.

The house filled with an aroma of omelets and freshly brewed coffee.

You know it’s moments like this that make me love you more and more.

Oh stop it, before you make me burn my food. I can really get used to waking up at noon and spending my life with him. “Hey baby, can you load the truck?” Yelling from the kitchen, “Make sure you grab my tripod!”

When will that woman realize I’m better at packing than she is? Gotta love her.

Hey, did you turn­–
Yes, yes and yes. Just relax and enjoy the ride.

We drove for hours indulging in simple conversation.

“Cake or cookies?” He asked.

Turning my head away from the scenic views outside the window, I couldn’t help but think about how effortless he and I relationship had grown to be. “Cookies, I feel less guilty when I have
more than two.” I answered, “Hot or cold?”

“Tough one, but if I’m with you then I’d pick the heat. Nice beaches and your brown eyes glistening under the sun.”

I love how he made everything sound so sweet.

Hours and hours went by and we drove to wherever until the sun prepared to sleep. We parked and I began to set up to take pictures.

Another journey as a couple and I was beginning to get comfortable.

“So, mountains or the city?” He questioned.

“Anywhere is fine with me as long as I have my camera.”

I snapped more pictures as I felt his eyes follow my lead. My true answer was anywhere as long as he was by my side. “There’s no one I would rather spend my days with.” I said, while we watched the sun go down.

The sky filled with different shades of purple and orange. “There’s no one I would rather spend my life with.”
The beginning. 

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