My 3yr old is a photographer…..


As a photographer, you can’t help but to take pictures of pretty much everything. Whether I’m whipping out the digital cam or my phone, I’m snapping away.


Well I think I take too many pictures because it’s starting to wear off onto my son.


He is always saying, “Mommy hand me the phone, gotta take a picture”. It’s so cute watching him.


Since the weather has been super nice outside, we decided to explore the backyard. He saw all the waterdrops on the grass. And of course, he ask to take a picture.


All these photos are unedited and taken by my three year old. That’s right, he took these photos. I assisted a little with zooming in but he knew what he wanted to capture.

I love it. If he’s happy, then I’m happy. Think it’s time to get him a camera.

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