Mini adventures….

The thrill of an adventure really excites me. The thought of possibly getting caught or the police showing up, makes me want to do it 10 times more. So we decided to do a photo shoot on the train tracks. Super dangerous but yet, you can get awesome shots. We we’re taking shots on the tracks, standing on the poles, sitting on and in the trains. Loving every moment. Hoping that no one or nothing would come in between this moment we were having. After getting almost 400 photos and finally calling it a night, we see someone do a U-turn in the middle of the street. First thought is uh oh, run!  But, we had a baby with us so we’re like hold up, what if we fall? Yeah, not good. This guy jumps out his truck yelling something at us. We nonchalantly kept walking. Then he parks his vehicle down at the opening of the tracks, thinking he would be able to cut us off. Ha! That was a mistake. He just made it easier for us to walk across the tracks and go the other way. Threatening to give us a ticket and saying we were trespassing. We just laughed and kept moving. Now this could have went way south. Although I love a thrill, I’m glad it didn’t just for the simple fact we had a baby with us. If you feel it in you to shoot, then shoot. Don’t be afraid of what might happen. So scroll through and give us your insight on the photos we were able to capture.

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